GameTracker: The Hunting App by Digital Sportsware, LLC, is an application designed by hunters to help manage information about hunting adventures. GameTracker provides the ability to capture the entire hunting “story” from shot to recovery. Through the ability to capture the location where a shot was taken, along with individual tracks followed to the animal or item of interest, GameTracker is able to calculate the shot distance, how far the animal traveled, and other elements of the hunt – including a gallery of pictures and the weather conditions at the time the hunt occurred. In addition to recording the hunt details, it provides the ability to know exactly where the last track was found if you need to call off the search, so you can resume from that point when conditions allow.iPhone 2.5 Hunt Map

Not only can it record your outdoor adventures, GameTracker allows you to set up various Areas which contain multiple Locations you typically hunt, fish, trap or simply explore in. For instance, if you have multiple stands on a particular parcel of land, you can enter them all, giving each a name, a type, and pictures. If there is a web-enabled camera at the Location, you can even store the URL and open it from the GameTracker application. From the Area screen, you can review the conditions at those locations at one time, so you can best determine where to go before heading out. You can also overlay an Area on the main screen while you’re hunting, so you can see where you are in relation to those stands, which could be helpful as you navigate to a stand in the dark.

A Movement Tracker can be turned on while hunting, or while viewing or scouting an Area to either capture your tracking paths, or mark the trails frequented by game. The Trails captured can be displayed in various colors, and details can be entered about them for future reference.

Turn on the Range Finder feature, and with a simple tap of a position on the map, the estimated range will be displayed, allowing you to judge distances – even through or over obstacles in the line of sight. An available display of your heading, and the ability to capture your Origin, allow you to mark a location on the map – such as where you parked your truck, or a designated meeting point – then easily get back there.

GameTracker also provides the ability to enter Notes as you find items of interest. These notes can be displayed and reviewed while hunting, providing additional insight of what has been observed in the past. Notes can be placed at specific GPS coordinates, so not only will they capture what you saw, they will capture exactly where you saw it – and what it looked like by allowing pictures to be associated with each Note.  You can also set the color for each Note marker, allowing the possibility to color code, or organize Notes.  For example, use blue Notes for deer season, red for turkey.  Or green for rubs/scrapes and yellow for bedding areas.

If you want to enter more information about your day in the field, the Journal feature allows just that. With the Journal, you can enter unlimited text and keep a gallery of pictures for each date. You can then review your Journal at any time to recall the events of the day.

Having a tough time remembering exactly when or where you found something?  Use the Search feature and enter a word to search for, provide an optional date range, and hit the search button.  A list of matching Notes and Journal entries will be displayed for review.  Notes will also be displayed on a map, allowing you to not only see the Note details, but also see where it was entered.

Droid 2.5 MainWeather conditions can change rapidly, and GameTracker keeps an eye on the weather where you are, providing not only a summary of conditions, but a visual indicator of the wind direction, so you can see where your scent is traveling. In the event of hazardous weather conditions, GameTracker will alert you, and allow you to view the weather statement directly from
the National Weather Service.  If the background for the Weather Conditions turns yellow, be cautious as hazardous conditions may be possible.  To find out more, you can tap the yellow box, and the official alert from the National Weather Service will be opened in a browser

And finally, in the event you require assistance, GameTracker can alert your Assistance/Emergency Contact, providing a link to your last known GPS coordinates, so they are able to find you quickly.

Download GameTracker today, and start using the power of your phone in the field to enhance your hunting.

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